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Cleveland, TN Lawn Service

Spring is just around the corner and we are ready to help you with all of your lawn and landscape needs. We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing in the Cleveland area. We will manage all your lawn care needs so you don’t have to think about it. We are one of the most technologically advanced lawn service in Tennessee. We give prior arrival notifications via text, email, or voicemail. If we are under a rain delay, we will send you a notification letting you know when to expect us. Here at Green Lawn Service we go the extra mile, We sharpen our mower blades every day. Thats very uncommon in lawn care companies, Thats just one example. Another example, we change the direction we mow every week to give you the “ballpark” look. Thats just for mowing service you can imagine the detail we put in shrub pruning, mulching, and soding, to name a few. On Each mower we have striping kits to help with the striping affect. We also have grass blockers, so that no grass gets in your beds and up against your house or business. Its a foot operated petal that shuts a block on the side of the deck so that our hands stay where they need to be to maintain constant control of the machine. Our employes stay with us, the same technician that mows your yard will most likely be the one mowing your lawn for years to come. We are so sure you will love our service we back it up with the strongest, and best Guarantee in the industry. 

My “No-Hassle, No-Excuses, NO-NONSENSE, You’ll Love it OR We’ll Pay For it!” GUARANTEE…


“You must be absolutely delighted by our services!!! If for any reason, or no reason at all, you feel you’re not absolutely, positively 100% happy with our work, I WON’T BE HAPPY EITHER. That means I WILL NOT REST until we make it right. I will immediately send my team to fix the problem no questions asked… If it’s still not good enough we will pay a competitor of your choosing to fix it for you… That is how strongly I believe you will love what we do. Let us prove it to you!” – Lucas Green, Green Lawn Service

if your still not sure why you should chose us… Let me give you 10 reasons why you should chose us over the other guys

  • OUR 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE… means absolutely 100% NO RISK to try us.
  • WE HAVE THE HIGHEST RATINGS…  in Cleveland. Just look at our Google Reviews!
  • WE SHOW UP WHEN WE SAY… and provide you with prior email or voicemail notification.
  • YOU CAN CALL US ANYTIME… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • WE PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY… with our $2,000,000.00 insurance policy.
  • WE CARE ABOUT THE DETAILS… and complete a strict 23 point checklist on your property.
  • WE SPEAK ENGLISH… All employees are English speaking US citizens
  • WE SCREEN OUR EMPLOYEES… Everyone employee goes through a thorough background check.
  • WE CARRY WORKERS COMP… If an employee is injured on your property, it’s covered.
  • WE ARE LICENSED SPECIALISTS… our management and staff are professionals.


 call or fill out the contact for below today to see why we are the highest rated lawn service in the Cleveland Tn area!


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